Turkey is a shopping paradise, from antique shops and chic designer boutiques to shopping malls, historical bazaars to local markets but you need to know some tricks of shopping. Shopping can be a very lifely experience for those who have never been in the country before. Ever since the days of the Silk Road, Turkey has been a magnet for merchants purveying in the exotic and wonderful, and those in search of retail therapy. Shopping is a really nice thing to do in your spare time while you are in Turkey.


Located at a historic trade crossroads linking to the Silk Road, Turkey has been a shopper's paradise for centuries, offering everything from hand woven Turkish carpets and kilims to jewellery, antiques and Iznik ceramics, carved meerschaum and a growing number of famous designer brands.

Also you can take home from Turkey some delicious baklava, Turkish delight, fragrant Turkish coffee, dried fruits, leather products, water pipe and magnets.


Turkish Coffee: With its excellent quality and exceptional taste, Turkish Coffee is the another product that only can be found in Turkey.

Baklava: Baklava is a delicious afternoon or evening snack, and the most famous sweet in Turkey. Gaziantep is the best place to buy baklava from.

Turkish Delight: Turkish Delight is a gummy, marshmallowy treat, available in practically every sweetshop, or souvenir shop.

Spices: Rich variety of herbs are sold in the traditional covered bazaars. Also, every kind of spices from all over the country are waiting for you.


Carpets, Kilims, Rugs: Turkish carpet is one of the most expensive purchases of souvenirs. Hand knotted carpets infused with thousands of years of tradition are a mainstay of Turkish life and are found, both new and antique, in specialty boutiques and village shops in every corner of Turkey.

Pottery, Tiles, Ceramics: Modern, museum quality pieces hand painted by Turkey's most celebrated ceramic artists can be found in boutiques in Turkey's major cities.

Jewelry: Turkey is a center of gold and silver, of precious metals and priceless gems. You can find the traditional jewelry and decorative housewares in the historical bazaars. Museum gift shops are also great sources of unique jewelry.

Copper: Copper is especially traditional to the South East of Turkey where age old techniques are still used to make objects. Keep them a unique reminder of your time in Turkey.

Textile: Turkey is the only country in the world that is famous for its all kind of beautiful textiles. Clothing designers, interior decorators and contemporary artists find success both within Turkey and abroad.

Meerschaum Pipes: Meerschaum Pipes are carved from the magnesium silicate found primarily in Eskisehir. These ivory colored pipes are hollow out and polished, sold in most souvenir shops.

Evil Eye: Evil Eye is one of the most popular souvenirs to buy in Turkey, known as the Nazar Boncugu that gives protection and brings luck.


Turkey is one of the world's great shopping destinations for tourists. The country has plenty of shopping places where you can find great products which will satisfy the shopper in you. We bring you the list of 7 surprising shopping spots in Turkey.


Grand Bazaar: The legendary Grand Bazaar, which first opened its doors to traders in 1461, is a vast labyrinth of 61 covered streets encompassing 4.400 shops selling everything from jewellery and carpets to leather and antiques. Cafes, restaurants and beautiful ancient architecture.

Egyptian Spice Bazaar: Spice Bazaar is another favourite spot for shoppers with its enticing array of exotic spices, jams, dried fruits, nuts, tea, coffee and of course, Turkish delight, in its multitude of flavours.


Hamamonu, one of Ankara's favorite historical and shopping spots, is where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city center for a nice quiet lunch. Also, special design handicrafts of Hamamonu attracts great interest from visitors.


The 400-year-old Kemeralti Market is the oldest meeting point and shopping center of Izmir, always alive with its unique structure and people. The bazaar has always been an important area for traders since the Hellenistic period.


In the old historical Kaleici there are many antique shops specializing in interesting treasures, jewellery, candlesticks, various types of handcrafted boxes, rugs. Most shops offer gifts and souvenirs aimed at the tourist market in Antalya.


Bakircilar Market is one of the best preserved examples of historical value without altering its natural texture. There is one thing that has never changed, the dexterousness industriousness and prolificacy of the expert coppersmiths of Gaziantep.


At the 17th-century Yemeniciler Arasta, just one cobbler continues to make Yemeni which Ottoman style leather footwear. Also you can find a lot of felt rugs, embroidered shirts, wooden handicrafts and Turkish delight special to Safranbolu.


Istanbul shopping streets are world's third best streets to shop. Your choices are endless. From antique shops to high street fashion, we offer the most famous shopping streets in Istanbul. A shopping trip in Istanbul doesn't complete without a visit to these streets.


Istiklal Street, in the larger shops you could find the most expensive world brands as well as smaller shops in the passages selling diverse goods. Musical instruments, simple jewellery, readymade clothing, old books, and many individual shops line the street.


Abdi Ipekci Street is one of Istanbul's most stylish and leading shopping streets. Home to some of the city's prominent artists and intellectuals as well as many foreigners. The combination of elegant historical buildings, chic cafes and restaurants and its stylish inhabitants give street a European style grace.


Bagdat Street is also lined with shops. Apart from the more luxurious shops there are others in different parts of Bagdat Street providing reasonable quality and prices. Along the street you can buy artefacts produced in the workshops of ceramic artists, painters and sculptors.


The Rumeli Street in Harbiye district is famous for international brands of readymade clothing and accessories.


This little cobble-stoned street near the historic Galata Tower is probably one of Istanbul's coolest shopping streets. You definitely will not see any big name brands, because this street is known for its cool boutiques.


Cukurcuma Street is Istanbul's lively antique hunting street and the beautiful neo-classical houses all around this neighborhood are very befitting of the whole nostalgic theme.


Nispetiye Street is one of the most popular streets in Istanbul thanks to Akmerkez, one of the largest shopping malls in the city.


Istanbul is world famous for its fine carpets, jewellery and antiques and if you are looking to invest in such goods then head over to Nuruosmaniye Street.


Mall of Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul is one of the biggest malls of Turkey and hosts the leading brands in the world attracting attention as the most functional shopping center of Turkey with its concept and the different units it accommodates.

Istinye Park

Istinye Park shopping mall features 300 shops and the first IMAX Theater.

Zorlu Center

Zorlu Center is the new meeting venue in Istanbul. Zorlu Center features a luxurious shopping center, a center for performance arts, a 5-star hotel, offices, and residences.

Kanyon Istanbul

Turkey’s most distinguished shopping mall features 160 stores.


The Palladium in Istanbul is known for its giant glass sphere and is one of the most iconic sites in the city, with its stores stretching across five floors.


Akmerkez the most award winning shopping center of Turkey

Trump Towers Mall

Trump Towers shopping mall in Istanbul, the first venture to bear the Trump name in Europe, opened on 19th April 2012.

Forum Istanbul

Forum Istanbul shopping center is Europe’s largest shopping center

Istanbul Cevahir

Istanbul Cevahir is the largest shopping mall in Europe, and the second largest shopping mall in the world.

Astoria Istanbul Shopping Center

Astoria Istanbul Shopping Center brings together leading Turkish and international brands

City’s Nisantasi

City’s features 150 stores, cinema’s, Top local and global brands, cafes and restaurants.

Istanbul Sapphire

Enjoy breathtaking views of Istanbul from your garden 200 meters above street level
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